About Cyrod

Security Consulting in San Antonio and the surrounding areas since 1997.


Over 30 Years of Experience


We provide quality staff and expert knowledge of the work site.

Customer Service Oriented


We offer flexible working schedules and can accommodate many requests.


Door Monitor and Badge Checking

CYROD has many services such as having our staff direct crowds with badge registration and having door monitors at every entrance. 

Room Monitoring and Crowd Control

We offer services to have our staff monitor rooms and control crowds  to help ensure the safety of everyone at the shows. 

Security Consulting and Crisis Management

CYROD provides security consulting and crisis management during conventions to ensure safety across the convention. 

Show Office Support and Information Desk

We offer support to all show offices and we can act as an information desk for guests. 

Registration and Ticket Handling

CYROD offers ticket handling and registration to quickly and efficiently get the crowds where they need to be. 

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CYROD Consulting

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CYROD Consulting is available to answer any questions and quotes 24/7. Please request a quote or any details and we will respond with in 24-48 hours.